Blocks, Standard: Free Body Mechanics Rig for Blender

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Blocks, Standard is a simple rig for animating and posing humanoid characters. It comes with all the features you could need to create expressive animations and good looking poses.

You can use it for whatever you feel like whether it be animation practice or just pulling it apart to see what makes it tick.

All the features that the rig provides:

  • Masculine and feminine body types.
  • Full IK and FK limbs.
  • Push and pull spine controller.
  • Limb and body stretching.
  • Heel lift controllers.
  • A simple and lightweight mesh.
  • Look at controller for the rigs head bone.

The correct way to add this rig to your project is to append the whole "Blocks rig" collection.

This rig is free for anyone to use but if you feel that you are financially in a position to donate any amount its always greatly appreciated.
Looking for something a bit more flexible? Check out the other version of this rig!


V2.1 31th July 2022:
Hello, this quick patch makes all custom properties Library Overridable to allow linking between blend files.

V2.0 28th July 2022:

Hey again! This update brings the new visual quality from my recently released Enhanced version to this version of the rig. As well as any bug fixes that might've happened during development.

This update also re-brands the rig to fit within the new naming convention.

As well as all of the above the update includes the new Terms and Conditions in the download.
Thats it for now, thanks for the support!

V1.1 6th April 2022:

Hello! This update is a very minor one, some bug fixes and a feature that should make posing a little simpler.

Heels adapting to leg extension

This can be toggled off in the properties where the IK and leg stretch options are found.

Please make sure to properly read the Terms and Conditions of this rig before downloading.

© Copyright all rights reserved.

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Blocks, Standard: Free Body Mechanics Rig for Blender

45 ratings
I want this!